Ms-Paint Art Gallery Yay

You found my ms-paint gallery. Good for you I guess?

I'm gonna start centering everything on this page now

starting this thing off amazingly, I present to you
(or myself i guess because I don't think anyone will find this page)



I got bored one day and traced over markiplier's heavily exaggerated expression here for some reason.
Also I hid it in Bienvenido: the game lol

For a short while, my discord account had this as the profile picture and the username was "youtube thumbnail"

moving on... we've got this thing.

I didn't make it, I just felt inclined to put it here.

now we have some drawing I made in one long left mouse button press. (Then I used the fill tool to color it)

It came out pretty okay.
That house in the clouds looks tiny because I ran out of room at the top of the image while drawing it.

um, I don't know what this is

nor do I want to know.

in an attempt to forget what that was we move onto this.

I still kind of like how this looks. This dates back to 2018, not sure what month or day though.
It's supposed to be godzilla, except I named it godzoola for some reason, which is stupid.

this next one's also from 2018.

It was going to be the banner for my youtube page except it was too big.
I guess the word wallpaper works too? Maybe I made this my desktop wallpaper at some point although I'm not sure.

this is what a brog's skeleton is supposed to look like.

Looks the whole hand is one bone.

This was likely going to be used in my 3d brog game which bienvenido was built off of.

...aaaaaand shards.

It's shards. I was working on n-mapper and thinking about how I hadn't added strokes to it yet.
By that I mean I hadn't implemented the mechanic where you start painting moving your mouse quickly but between mouse checks a line is made between your last two checked points.

I started up ms-paint, made a really big image, and starting making these strokes and then filled it.
The result is this. Quite lame.