Soupy Cartoon News

(aka the most meaningless news)
I went absent for 25% of the year, nice

7.26.2021 - 4:12 AM

important update ahead


I just made it so that patrick chasing me is one of the images that can appear randomly on the home page

7.21.2021 - 7:20 PM

I made the discount games section and added Josh Dumb 2 to it, also I might make a blog here soon.

7.17.2021 - 3:50 AM

So... I haven't updated this place in about 3 months... whoops. I've actually been working on this site update since the July 3rd, but I haven't finished it until now. Online school has been pretty difficult for me and it took up most of my free time. Since it's summer though, I can finally work on things again.

Site Updates

I added a sitemap and development page, and also redid all of the game pages to include stats and gameplay videos. I also wrote some js code that fullscreens the game maker html5 games on this site properly... which was a lot more annoying to do than it sounds. Lastly, I redesigned the entire misc page and archive, which now contains all of the old site designs.

Game Stuff

Recently Squily and I made Josh Dumb 2... sort of. You can find it over here. It's basically a short game I made to get back into game development after not finishing anything for a while. It was also made for adriendittrick's Game Breaker's Toolkit Jam, the same one that Milk Man was made for.

Now, I'm working on Milk Man 2, since it's summer and I can talk to my friends like Squily more often, who I'm working with on the game.

4.18.2021 - 10:17 PM

Sup guys. I've been thinking about Milk Man: Shit Edition periodically throughout this year, and how I've wanted to make a sequel to it.

The problem was that I made that game in Game Maker: Studio 1.4, which I lost my copy of. I attempted to load the project in Game Maker Studio 2 (a new version of game maker), but it didn't work. This weekend, however, I got a copy of Game Maker 8.0 (a really old engine), so I spent the weekend porting it over, and uh...'s been going, um...

(this guy has trees for arms)'s been going pretty well actually despite these screenshots!

I'm almost done with the port. The game works, but the level editor has 2 missing features. By the way, maps in the original game were encoded in JSON, which Game Maker 8.0 can't read, so I had to encode the maps in my own format I made up in like 5 minutes.

The format actually works well though and the file size of the maps has gone down by around 80%. I'm kinda tempted to work on Milk Man 2 now, since it's finally possible, but I'm gonna finish guyman first.

4.10.2021 - 12:36 AM

This is a pretty small but noticeable update, well not right now though.

The halloween & christmas themed layouts will now be used automatically depending on what month it is, or whatever month it is according to your computer.

4.5.2021 - 11:53 PM

I think development on guyman & my album might happen faster starting from now, but I still don't think I'll be releasing any of those soon. Earlier, I was trying to rush both of them, but now I'm fine with them taking longer than normal to complete.

This is a pretty small update site-wise, I just added an about me page. I'm also thinking of adding a page about all of my game projects that I abandoned, since I have a couple of those.

I've almost finished 4 songs for my album, here's one I finished recently.

I'm still programming the environment of guyman. Here's a screenshot of how that's been going:

3.20.2021 - 1:04 PM

I'm kinda preoccupied with life at the moment so I won't be updating things that often. I added a couple of things over here though:

> misc page 2
> stupid.htm
> you will regret clicking on this
> my archived bad old beepbox music

I'm still working on guyman, and I'm considering using Deporitaz music in it.
The midi album I mentioned before will probably become mp3s becuase I learned how to use soundfonts.

Also here's a song I made I might use in it.

2.1.2021 - 2:33 PM

I redesigned the site and rewrote the html for every page again because I'm an idiot, or something.

I also added the ability to cripple the brog on the index page, which I've been wanting to implement for a while.

I've been struggling to program the music editor for guyman, so I might just use BeepBox to play audio otherwise I'll spend forever working on the game.

1.1.2021 - 4:08 PM

Now every finished game I've made is on the site. I realized I could embed Josh Dumb & Crap OS instead of having to buy a neocities supporter account to host them here, so that means I never had to learn javascript and make my games with that. I'm still glad I chose to learn javascript though because it's useful for sites and made me a better programmer.

The archive section for the site is now up too. Right now there is a version of soupy cartoon from August of 2020 there, and an archive of my old website, Catpage.

I still used Catpage at the time I made Josh Dumb, so you can see it in that game, though it's still dead. Speaking of that game, I put together a collection of unused content from it on the archive section as well.

Lastly, I added music to the home page. The song that plays is a remix of a song I made in 2018 titled "swirl". I originally wanted to play A Depressing Song by Deporitaz on the home page, but I need a supporter account to host that.

Currently, the music is played using Beepbox's synth.js.