soupy cartoon misc stuff page 2

The stuff here is a lot more pointless than on the last page. You'll find drawings & video game mods by me on this page.

> misc page 1

How to draw people
just copy me.

Half Life
Woah Weapons

If you like the "woah" sound effect used in Crap OS, Bienvenido: the game lol, and Milk Man: Shit Edition, and you like half life then you might like this mod.

It replaces all weapon sound effects with me saying "woah", and depending on the weapon, the sound effect will be pitched up and down

> download it

how 2 install it:

1. download the mod
2. rename the zipped folder "weapons"
3. unzip the folder
4. download sven coop on steam
5. go to : "(your sven coop directory)/svencoop/sound/" and replace the weapons folder there
6. done

Do Not Enter
> hall of scary people

(the story behind this is that uhhh... I don't really remember...)

Spelunky Cata Edition

This was my first released "game" on the internet. I'm putting "game" in quotes because it's just a mod. This is for the classic version of Spelunky only.

I made this just so I could make Spelunky family friendly in order to play it on my school's computers.

> Spelunky Wiki Page
> download spelunky classic from Derek Yu's website
> download the mod
(replace "Spelunky.exe" in the game's folder for it to work)

Pointless Facts
A really long list of really obscure facts that are related to soupy cartoon/my work.

> here they are

more misc stuff coming soon.