An interactive-adventure game

Like King's Quest!


Celestia lets you interact with the world by typing. Here are some actions you can perform. These comands are all lower-case

use (item)/ use (item) on (object/item) - Allows you to combine items, use them on enemies or objects, or interact with anything in your inventory

search - Tells you what's interactable in your environment

search (object/item/enemy) - Gives information about the object/Scavenges through that object

talk to (being) - Lets you speak with monsters or humans

open (object) - Opens a door or chest

get (item/object) - Allows you to collect an object or item if you can

place (object) on (object) - Makes the player place something on something

throw (item) at (object/enemy) - Launches the item of your choice at an object or an enemy if it has the ability to be thrown

sit on (object) - This is self-explanitory

fill (item) with (object) - Lets you fill a container of some sort with water, or an infinite supply of items.

go through (hallway/entrace)

start - Begins the game

... oh right one more
climb up (object) - climbs up an object