Bienvenido: the game lol

Bienvenido is a 3d exploration game where you play as guy dude with face and go to a restaurant to eat some food & stuff. I made it for squily's birthday and it's a remake of a slideshow I made with him in exploration game form.

This game is filled with a lot of google images, random audio clips, some random npcs and an intense plot.

It also has a bunch of side content/secrets you should look out for so try to explore every area somewhat thoroughly expecting dumb stuff.

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> view the original slideshow
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This game

beautiful VISTAS

amazing CHARACTERS!!!!

awesome C A R S


Random trivia
  • the name "guy dude with face" comes from another slideshow I made with a scrapped character named "guy dude with meat" the story took place in a meat market.
  • the car is a simplified version of some 3d model I found by looking up crappy 3d car on google. Here it is.
  • the character "chef boy rd"'s name is actually how I thought you'd spell chef boyardee's name when I first made the slideshow was really little.
  • the map editor is titled "brogworld editor" because the game is built off of a prototype I made for a 3d exploration game about brogs.
  • this game has the first appearance of the unenthusiastic "woah" sound effect included somewhere in every game I have made since this one.