Miscellaneous Stuff
A place for things on the site of varying quality that aren't that important but still exist.


Pages related to the site

> Site Map
> Development
(What I'm working on now & what I've finished)

Stuff that I replaced, got rid of, or abandoned

> Catpage
(my old site that was updated from June 2019 - August 14, 2020)

> Bad BeepBox Music

> Unused Content From My Games
(+ source code and early build downloads)

> Past Site Designs

Random JavaScript
Here are some js scripts that I wrote to get familiar with the language.
Maybe you'll find them useful for learning js yourself since they're simple scripts but probably not.

> visualization
> platformer
> stupid.htm
(platformer 2)

Here are some public builds of the game I'm working on right now, Guyman:
> Guyman v1
> Guyman v2
> Guyman v3

Here's some mostly useless tools:
> N-Mapper
> Dinosaurchestra Commentary Reader

Things I Wrote
Behold, the least interesting pages on the site.

> Brogs
> List of Good Freeware Games
> How 2 Draw: People
> Epic VG Tips
> Pointless Facts About Soupy Cartoon
> Random Home Page Images Explained

Dumb Crap
I'm too lazy to organize these properly.

> Bad comics I made in 3rd grade
> Random HTML stuff from 2018
> Do Not Enter

Video Game Mods I Did:
> Half Life Woah Weapons
(Sven-Coop Mod)

> Spelunky Cata Edition
(Spelunky Classic Mod)

Interesting Neocities sites
Neocities is pretty okay and stuff.
Here's some interesting and unique sites I found while browsing it.

I enjoy browsing the global activities board more than looking at the most popular sites because you get to find sites that are usually more obscure and currently being updated.

> where the snow falls up
A weird place where you descend into some ominous dream like places and encounter random entities and conversations between some kid and an eye thing.

> joellmadrid's site
It has some sick text effects, EPIC stykz animations (which got me into making stick figure animations again sadly), and some other random stuff like an arcade which is pretty boring tbh.

It's somewhat like this website.

> hotline cafe
A place with a nice aesthetic housing some music, art, writing, and links.