Milk Man: Shit Edition

Milk Man: Shit Edition is a 3d exploration game about a middle aged milk man looking for milk in man town, a place that's really stupid and makes no sense.

 there's honestly no way I could style this image on this page to make it not look ugly.

The game was made for adriendittrick's 3rd Game Breaker's Toolkit game jam. The goal was to make the worst possible game. That should explain a lot.

I made the game in collaboration with one of my friends who'll go by the alias squily on this website and a few other places. They made the graphics, I wrote the code, and we both designed the game. I plan on making this game a series when more Game Breaker Toolkit game jams come around, but for now it's just a standalone game.

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  warning: it's possibly the ugliest webpage you've ever seen.

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