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Here's where I am on the internet and stuff.
Username Site
Very Active: Catalystl Newgrounds
soupycartoon Neocities

Somewhat Active: Catalystl
Catalystl Github
Catalystl SpaceHey
Querock Steam
Querock Youtube (new)
CatalystCore Youtube (old)
Catalystl#7542 Discord
Querock Minecraft (
Catalystl Cave Story Tribute Site
GloveClock Clock Crew Forums
cerealuser2222222 VidLii

Inactive: CatalystCore Game Jolt
kew-rock Reddit
cerealcerealuser2222222user2222 Genius
Catalystll Twitter
catalystl BitView
Catalystll Roblox
catalystl TTLG Forums
querock No Mutants Allowed
catalystl Master Sword Continued
catalystl Mod DB
catalystl Bandcamp
Sorted By Date Registered
11.?.2012 Minecraft
6.16.2013 Youtube (old)
1.23.2015 Steam
6.10.2017 Discord
2.23.2018 Game Jolt
3.?.2018 Twitter
8.30.2018 Master Sword Continued
9.30.2018 Mod DB
2.18.2019 Roblox
1.18.2020 Cave Story Tribute Site
2.26.2020 Newgrounds
5.27.2020 Neocities
10.3.2020 Youtube (new)
11.22.2020 BitView
~11.?.2020 Bandcamp
12.10.2020 SpaceHey
12.24.2020 Github
12.24.2020 Clock Crew Forums
12.27.2020 TTLG Forums
1.12.2021 Reddit
1.23.2021 No Mutants Allowed
4.8.2021 Genius
6.25.2021 VidLii

i spent way too long making this shit page