Look, it's misc page 3
I actually did make a page 3 of the misc page. I just hid it because I was bored.

note: I haven't even made misc page 2 yet but I decided to make number 3 anyways just cause

Here's all of the favicons used on the site. I like making them for some reason. You'll see them get switched around frequently from page to page.

32x32 favicons (old):

16x16 favicons (current):

# of secret pages
There are currently 5 secret pages on the site.

These include pages in the folder named "secret" on the site. That means the pages in the light realm don't count, though the portal you used to get here does.

Number last updated on 11.26.2020

These technically aren't real screensavers, just js scripts that loop and make stuff that's cool to look at.

If you click on any of the A's, it will play the audio that goes along with the screensaver it's next to using a youtube-nocookie.com embed.

> A Zamboni
> A Overload
> A Forest

rant #1

I just noticed that in the background for the page there are 2 green dots that appear and reappear.

That's really fricking annoying.


I'm not changing it.

spacemy sites

I joined this website called spacemy, which was somewhat like a revival of myspace, a few weeks ago.

It just shut down lol.

It had this feature where you could make your own sites that would be listed on your profile, and I made two sites using it. Here they are:

sicksite1 My first (and almost last) spacemy site. It has an epic yellow background with red text and a bank with words going crazy in it.

A 90s themed site with gifs that 12 year olds find to be epic. Requested by joell95 on a now defunct spacemy blog post where I asked for site ideas. 90s_site

Good thing I archived them before it shut down... well ok maybe it's not that good of a thing.

Here you can download old stuff I've made that you need windows to run.

Except you can't because I didn't put anything here yet.