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The Stuff
Go click on the icons and probably get scared away from the this site pretty quickly.

Web Games:
Josh Dumb ~15 mins playtime

A dumb real-time strategy game where you place & break objects to guide Josh through a volcano. It has mspaint cutscenes voiced by me & Squily.
Crap OS ~15 mins playtime

A Windows 95 sim where you beat a platformer minigame while viruses take over the computer.

Windows Games:
Bienvenido: the game lol ~40 mins playtime

A somewhat eerie 3d action/adventure game where you play as "guy dude with face" and go on a weird trip to a restaurant. You explore, stab things, talk to people, and watch cutscenes basically.
Milk Man: Shit Edition ~12 mins playtime

A 3d exploration game where you play as a middle-aged milk man who lives in an rv and is just kinda loser.

hlcomic ~4 min read (+ more if you look for the secret)

A comic I drew in mspaint surrounding the events of Half-Life, made in the style of bad comics I drew in 3rd grade. Don't read this.

If you want to learn about what I've been working on recently you can check out the development page.

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