Here's what I've been up to recently, and what I've already finished.
Click on the icons to learn about the development of each project.

Last updated 8.25.2022

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Being Worked On Now

Milk Man 2: Tha Revenge dev started in April for a short while, then continued in July

Development Paused For Now

guyman dev started 10.?.2020
Midi Album dev started 11.?.2020


Milk Man: Shit Edition 8.1.2020
Crap OS 7.12.2020
Bienvenido: the game lol 6.15.2020
Josh Dumb 4.20.2020

What I've been listening to while I work:

Development info on :

Tools used
Dev time

This Site

Will Do

  • fix the left side of each page getting cut off when zooming in
  • fix the snow canvas for the christmas theme
  • add more crap to the header
  • redo the header links
  • stykz page
  • downloads section
  • old projects page (2018-2020)
  • add native hit-counter
  • change the background music on the home page because it's been the same for 11 months

Might Do

  • make chairgame in js
  • evil raycast lair
  • piano room
  • make a guestbook

Dead Ideas

  • make a small halloween game for soupy cartoon
  • make this place not shit
  • turnbased rpg script

wtf even are half of the things listed?