Bienvenido: the game lol

Bienvenido is a 3d exploration game where you play as guy dude with face and go to a restaurant to eat some food & stuff. I made it for Squily's birthday and it's a remake of a slideshow I made with him in exploration game form.

This game is filled with a lot of google images, random audio clips, some random npcs and an intense plot.

It also has a bunch of side content/secrets you should look out for so try to explore every area somewhat thoroughly expecting dumb stuff.

This game was finished on June 15th, 2020, but was released on August 26th.

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This game

beautiful VISTAS

amazing CHARACTERS!!!!

awesome C A R S


Random trivia
  • the name "guy dude with face" comes from another slideshow I made with a scrapped character named "guy dude with meat" the story took place in a meat market.
  • the car is a simplified version of some 3d model I found by looking up crappy 3d car on google. Here it is.
  • the character "chef boy rd"'s name is actually how I thought you'd spell chef boyardee's name when I first made the slideshow was really little.
  • the map editor is titled "brogworld editor" because the game is built off of a prototype I made for a 3d exploration game about brogs.
  • this game has the first appearance of the unenthusiastic "woah" sound effect included somewhere in every game I have made since this one.
  • guy dude's dog is in ever map of the game except for the second to last one

Also if you can find and screenshot every appearance of the dog and email the screenshots to me, I'll send you a zip file containing txt files about the game that nobody cares about... because I have nothing else of value to send honestly.

I'll accept emails sent from July 5th, 2021 to July 5th, 2022.