Unused Content

From my games that have unused content.
(usually including some sprites and audio)

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All audio was recorded with audacity over a discord call, so sometimes it cuts out, not that it matters because everything is terrible by default.

All of them are recorded by Squily.

warning: these are LOUD.

For some reason Squily can't say "can you get me some milk from the fridge"

One of the texts that pops up when you die in the game is "Ow pain." That's something that Squily used to say normally. It was never used because I ran out of time.

You can hear Blackout City in the background of this one. lol.

For some reason Squily still can't say "can you get me some milk from the fridge"

He can say fuck though.

The final used audio in the game. Now you know why it's spliced so much.
Unused Graphics/Other

Josh's Brother as a playable character

I planned on adding an expansion to the game where you play as Josh's Brother after he gets dropped into the volcanoe at the end. I forgot why I never ended up making it.

All of these were programmed except for the soccer ball, they were just never used a level because I didn't make enough levels.

This is C163 from the game LN, which wasn't released to the public. I drew C163 differently in every game maker game I made for the sprite used in game object that holds all of the data.
Milk Hi-Res

I was going to used the milk that Josh picks up at the end of the game in the final cutscene, but ran out of time to do that.

Also, Josh is missing on the milk if you didn't notice. I don't know how that works either.

This was used when the bomb item explodes. I know I followed some pixel art tutorial to make it, but I don't remember which one it was.