An archive. (of old stuff I made that sucks)
My first website. At times it looks better than this one, but runs like crap and also is crap.
I fixed all of the links, so they will lead to some place where they work.

One day I will link the download to LN.

> stare at it
Soupy Cartoon Site Archives
Right now there's just one. I'll archive parts of the site when I made major redesigns.

> August of 2020
HTMLness from 2018
I took a summer camp class thing one time to try to learn HTML. I learned nothing, but made some things.

This really isn't even worth mentioning, but this IS soupy cartoon, so it doesn't matter.

> functions
> if
> index
> loops
> madlib2 (madlib1 doesn't exist sorry)
> math
> shopping

> celestia (the only one I put effort into)
Music from 2018-2020
My old music is mostly terrible. 16 decent tracks are on newgrounds under 2020 submissions, and 52 TERRIBLE tracks including variations of ones on newgrounds are here on this site

For each track on newgrounds, I talk about the game it was going to be used in.

> 16 newgrounds tracks
> 52-ish soupy cartoon tracks
Unused Content
A collection of unused content from my video games. Right now there's only 1 section.

> stare at it
Site News Archive
Self explanitory.

> stare at it