Hey. This website is dead lol. That's because 000webhost (the hosting service) it uses stopped me from editing it for a while. I moved on and made another website and abandoned this one. Now I use Neocities!

I don't know if this will happen again, and I don't plan on doing anything with this site since I've moved on. Here's my new site:

click on me and stuff

  Hello. This is my webpage where
I host web games and windows games I've made.
I use Game Maker Studio 2 to create them.
Click on the games section above to view them.

  If you want to learn how to code games
yourself, you can check out multiple youtube
tutorials that walk you through the process of
creating certain genres of games.

  A good place to start is this video
on creating a platformer in Game Maker Studio 2.
It's where I got started making these games.

Click here for the complete
platformer tutorial playlist.

There's nothing else
down here. nice.