About Me

Here's my about me section because why not.
Hi! I'm catalystl, a guy in the US, and I like programming and stuff. I mostly make video games, but also make music, draw, and write stuff like this. Most of the things I make have dumb themes, but instead of being too shitpost-y I still put a lot of effort into them.

This website was made so I can present my work in the way that I want to, and also for fun.
Things I like:

- midis
- fallout 1 & 2
- half-life
- old websites
- mspaint
- dinosaurchestra
- neocities
- weird games like LSD: Dream Emulator
- walking
- sleeping
- typing

Things I dislike:

- most memes (they're lazy)
- reddit (barely any conversation happens there)
- youtubers (most are just stupid)
- game maker studio 2 (older versions are better)
- windows
- slim jims (they taste like fakeness)
- tools at my school

If you want to keep up to date on whatever I do you, can follow me on NG or Neocities.

> My Newgrounds account
> My Neocities account

Also here are my buttons for this site:

The original one I made back when the site looked purple

[copy html]

the second one I made after I changed the site to look blue

[copy html]

the one I made while really bored

[copy html]

the one that looks like a comic I made once

[copy html]